The Color Hour

HO’s in This House Soloway Brooklyn, NY

February 13th 2022 “HO’s in this House,” interview of Santanimus by Crumpet Fuzzy Bottom, Minty Muffin Tin, and Yoyo Tinsel Toes

May 30th 2018 “Artifice and Authenticity,” Interview of Tracy Cirves by Brandi Twilley

April 7th 2016 Elizabeth Insogna: “magic is a part of the process of painting” Interview of Elizabeth Insogna by Brandi Twilley

March 8th 2016 Jonathan Lyndon Chase: the weight of emotion and the weight of flesh, Interview by Doron Langberg of Jonathan Lyndon Chase

January 1st 2016 Flat Beds Bed Bugs and Unicorns, interview of Robert Nava by Brandi Twilley

December 15th 2015 The Best Little Whore House in Texas, interview of Caroline Wells Chandler by Katherine Bradford on her current show at Roberto Paradise

November 28th 2015 Tom Koehler: “I need to cook for a year” Interview by Brandi Twilley of Tom Koehler

July 22nd 2015 The Wizard and The Water Princess Interview of Brandi Twilley and Rebecca Twilley by Caroline Chandler 

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